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Astrology is a divine sacred knowledge. This is not just another course but a live hands on training which will you guide you on the path of professional in the field of astrology. Focused on predictive astrology, the course intends to make your fundamentals and accuracy on point so you deal with clients confidently, taught by India’a top astrologer – Shri Vipul Kumar Goel himself.

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Sri Vipul Kumar Goel.

India's Top Astrologer | Numerologist

Let’s introduce you to your instructor, who will be teaching you this course: Sri Vipul Kumar Goel. One of India’s top astrologers and numerologists, Vipul Kumar Goel has been practicing astrology for more than 12 yrs. He has helped countless people with his profound and deep knowledge of astrology. He is well-known among other Indian astrologers because of his immense knowledge and his contribution to astrology.

Mr. Goel is an expert astrologer and has a deep understanding of several topics of astrology which includes horoscope, numerology, laal kitabvastu, intuition, palmistry and dowsing. 

Thousands of people trust his remedies and predictions and have benefited from them. His way of teaching is deep yet easy to learn which helps the students in learning about different aspects of astrology without any difficulty.

In this predictive astrology course, you will not be just learning astrology from the basics but you will be also taught by India’s famous and successful astrologer!

Course Structure

Now let’s talk about the most important thing that is this astrology online course’s outline, what you will learn from this course and every topic that will be taught to you. Sri Vipul Kumar Goel said that he knows about the hunger and passion a student who is interested in astrology have – which is why he has designed this course in a way that the learners get more interested in the course while also catering to their passion for astrology.

Each and every step of this best astrology course in India will prove to be extremely beneficial and intriguing for the students, and it will be explained in-depth with utmost dedication from the instructor.

Your Learning Timeline


Guru ji will introduce you to astrology, you will be told about its basics, his personal journey and what lead to him becoming one of the most renowned astrologers in India.

First Principles of Astrology

This step is extremely important, especially for those who will be learning astrology for the first time. In this class, your astrology instructor will take you through all the foundations and the basics of astrology that you need to know about before entering into the bigger stages. You cannot learn astrology if you’re not aware of its foundation, such as the planets, the signs, and horoscopes.

Everything About Blank Chart

If you know about astrology, then you must’ve heard of blank charts as well. They’re an important aspect of astrology but they can be tricky to master, however, you shouldn’t fret over it as Mr Goel will help you master it. You will be able to make accurate predictions after learning the blank chart without having to use Dasha or Planet.

D-1 to D-9

In astrology, learning about how to make accurate predictions for marriage and spouses is really important as a great portion of the astrologer’s clientele are those who are interested in knowing about these things. In D-1 to D-9, you will be taught how to enhance your skills to make accurate predictions.

Roles of Planets and Stars

Planets play a huge role in astrology and learning about their roles is necessary for every astrologer. At this stage, Mr Goel will go in-depth about planets, stars and their roles; he will also teach you Exaltation and Debilitation, Aspects, Digbali, Yogas, and Special Hacks.

Kaal Sarp Yog/ Manglik Dosh & Cancellation

By this stage, you will have learned about many important aspects of astrology. Here, you will learn about other essential facets of astrology that are Kaal Sarp Yog, Sadde, Satti, Manglik Dosh, etc. You will also be taught about the role of Saturn and how you can give effective and correct remedies.

Clear your Doubts and Discuss Cases

As the name suggests, you will be clearing your doubts in this step. After learning about astrology in such depth, one may have doubts or issues, but the best part about our astrology course is that you will get to clear them with your instructor. Sri Vipul Kumar Goel will also discuss his previous cases and other cases with you in live classes so you can hone your astrology skills.

How to Predict Events

In Predictive Astrology, you will be learning about accurate and precise predictions. You will be able to make predictions about child, education, career, job, marriage, love, travel, legal cases, and many more after this stage.

The Golden Stroke & Remedies

This would be the final bonus, when you will finally reach the stage where you master predictive astrology. You will go through what you have learned in this astrology course with your instructor and other classmates and you will also be asked different questions, and discuss different cases. You will also be asked to recommend remedies to the cases you will be discussing so that you can practice them perfectly.

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How Will This Course Benefit You?

From 0 to 1

It is designed in such a way that even a person who has zero to no knowledge of Astrology will benefit from it. We will ensure that we take you from base to becoming professional astrologers.

Study Practical Cases

You will study practical, live cases with guru ji and you will be able to experiment and assess how well you have learned.

Learn Remedies and Solutions

Famous astrologer in India Sri Vipul ji, will also tell you about different remedies and solutions through which you will be able to help not only yourself but also others.

Easily Accessible

You don’t have to worry about traveling to attend this astrology certificate course. Even if you aren’t at home or away, you can easily access this course as it is online and easily accessible anywhere.

Practical Assignments

Stay ahead and track your progress with practical assignments during the astrology course. Complete each to get more confident!

Astrology as Profession

After completing the astrology course near me, you can open your own astrology consultation, you can work for newspapers as their astrologist, and you can teach others astrology


As we have mentioned before, this online astrology course is carefully designed while keeping in mind what a person with no knowledge of astrology would like to learn. This professional astrology course, which is taught to you by famous astrologer in delhi Sri Vipul Kumar Goel ji who will teach you from all the basics of astrology to everything that a professional astrologer needs to know. This astrology certification online course will teach you everything listed in the course curriculum and beyond. 

The great part about this astrology learning course is that you are not learning through recorded lectures but you will be taught live, which will be profoundly beneficial as you can ask questions about the topics and request the instructor to shed some more light on certain topics. You can connect with not just the instructor but also with your fellow classmates who will be learning astrology with you.

This live online astrology certificate course will be taught to you for the duration of four months in which Sri Vipul Kumar Goel will go in-depth on each and every topic to make you learn all the nitty-gritty of the topics as well as explain to you their history.

This online astrology course will be held live but if due to some reason the students end up missing a class, they will be provided with recorded lectures of it and will have a lifetime access to those videos.

Online gives you the advantage to break location barriers. Having this professional astrology course to be online allows our students to join from across the world. Guru ji is very particular about students learning, so class is held in such a way that you can be randomly asked about the topic learnt and you will have to answer with your video on.

Anyone who is interested in astrology and wants to learn about it can join this online astrology course. That is what makes our course the best online astrology course available it doesn’t require you to have any pre-requisite. Once you have enrolled for the course, a group will be formed and only the students of the batch can join the class at the particular time.

The classes are held on Zoom meetings. You will be sent the link and time of classes are pre-decided as per batch formed.

To learn about the course pricing, please contact us or enroll for the demo class.

After successful completion of professional astrology course, you will receive astrology certification and be able to provide consultancy to others. You can open your own consultation service. Whether it is about personal growth or professional growth, you will be able to predict everything. You can help people by providing them with remedies and helping them in giving a clearer picture of their relationships, career, education, marriage, health, wealth, family and property. You can pursue it as your full-time business as well. There are countless benefits to this best astrology course.

Sign up the form on the top of this page to reserve your seat (depending upon the availability for the next demo). we have limited seats for demo class and it is on first cum first serve basis.

If you get the access, join the WhatsApp group where we will update you for the class timing and how to join.

In the demo class, Guru ji will be explaining you about the course contents, answering your queries and telling you about the course structure for how to learn astrology online.

We, at Kismat Guru, are providing you with a divine demo astrology online classes near me for the astrology course available in India which will help you in learning about the course, get introduced to the instructor and understand the basics of what you will be learning and how you can benefit from it. You will also find out about the curriculum and the structure of the course as well as about its cost. The best part is that it’s a free class, so you don’t have to worry about spending your money on something you’re new to. Once you’ve attended the divine demo class, you can decide whether or not this course is for you.


So don’t waste your time and sign up for your demo astrology class near me now, take the first step towards your astrology journey and meet your astrology instructor.

Do not worry. Sir will conduct QnA sessions and give time for answering your doubts after each class

Designed and taught by Sri Vipul Kumar Goel ji himself, this course has been vetted amongst the best astrology courses in India. Unlike other courses, it has been designed in a very practical and fun learning method so you extract the maximum knowledge!

We are 100% online and plan to stay online. From feedbacks of our students who were looking for astrology courses near me and astrology classes near me, we have learnt that online classes are more accessible and regularity is maintained.

There is no drawback reported by our students in the survey we do for the online astrology classes after the course. Hence, we are confident that you will not only become proficient in astrology after completion of the course but also enjoy the learning here.

Who Is This Astrology Certificate Course For?

Anyone who desires to learn more about their own behavioural and psychological patterns.

For those interested in making accurate future predictions.

For aspiring astrologers who have a dream of building a clientele of their own.

For people interested in pursuing astrology as their career.

For anyone who wants to study the subject to benefit their personal life.


Why Should You Learn Astrology?

When it comes to making major decisions and obtaining insight into various situations, humans have always needed assistance. Many civilizations had their elders assist them with these services at first, but as time went on, people found and built a system that assisted them in making judgments and forecasting the future. This system is called Astrology. It’s no secret that astrology is an ancient art that has been practised for centuries, but it’s also an art form with staying power. That’s because the universe still works according to rules and patterns that were first discovered by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Even though technology has advanced exponentially since then, our solar system still follows many of the same patterns as it always has. That means if you study astrology properly, knowing what those patterns are can give insight into your future—and help make sure it’s a bright one!

Astrology is a combination of spirituality, philosophy and metaphysics, which is used all around the world by people to help them in different occasions and situations. Astrology is a magical science that helps us to know about the future. Astrologers predict the future of a person by analyzing the horoscope. There are many benefits to astrology that will make you wonder why you hadn’t learned it earlier. There are moments when we know what decision we need to take, or what will be the outcome of a certain thing but we don’t have the clarity to it. Astrology provides you with that clarity, it gives you an image, a different perspective on how things can be. Astrology aids the person and makes them self-reflect and understand life better.

Imagine how great it would be if you could have a clearer picture of your future, or if you could make decisions for your future easily if you knew what will help you in your economic growth and what will prove to be a fortune for you, what your love life will look like, and how you will be in the future; it all sounds great, doesn’t it? If yes, then this is the cue for you to start learning astrology and help yourself and others with this great wisdom and knowledge.

If you’re looking for the best online astrology course, look no further. Kismat Guru is here for you with the best astrology course near me. In this astrology certification course, it isn’t like other studies which bore the person, instead, it makes you want to keep learning more and more as you learn deeper and discover new things in astrology. It is quite a journey and taking this astrology course will make it more enjoyable for you.

Why You Should Not Learn Astrology On YouTube

Many people have this belief that you can learn astrology through YouTube lectures just like many other basic skills nowadays, but that isn’t true. Astrology isn’t like other basic skills, it is a study of ancient art which you should not learn or practice without guidance. 

Have you heard of a person learning Medicine through YouTube or self study? That is because it requires the student to be taught by professional doctors and all practice is done under expert supervision until you graduate and are qualified yourself. Similarly, the knowledge of astrology must be learnt from a learned guru. You can refer to added learning resources online however you must not learn and practice astrology in your or others lives without having your guru’s approval and having acquired the knowledge properly. Any remedies concerning horoscope of a person are to be properly formulated and if done wrong it can have very adverse effects. Same goes for preaching astrology without having practiced it yourself.

Hence, we strictly do not recommend that you can learn from YouTube or any resources and apply without validation from an expert. If you are serious about the subject, invest your time and money to seek good education so you carry a good karma and do not misguide. If you are interested in learning astrology

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After the Professional Astrology Course:

You would be a professional astrologer!

You will be able to work with horoscopes, solve people’s problems and give remedies!

Not only this, after our professional astrology course, you would be highly capable to make it a career and start your own astrology consulting!

You are just one step away...

What if you could become a professional astrologer, and make a career out of something you’ve always loved?

You can! And we’re here to help. This professional astrology course is designed while keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a young astrology student. It is designed by India’s top professional astrologer whose dream is to help future astrologers in their journey and make it interesting for them. This online astrology course focuses on making you an expert in astrology.

By now you would have a clear idea of what the course brings for you and how it will help you. We are here to guide you always, in case you need any assistance feel free to reach out –


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