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Become a pro numerologist with our online numerology course

Predict people’s past, present and future, solve problems and give remedies with the science of numerology. Learn from the best and start your own astrology consulting!

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a study of numbers in your life. You can uncover information about the world and also each individual person by using Numerology. It is a scientific knowledge and a subject course in Astrology which helps you to uncover, plan, take remedial actions in life to face any situations.

Learning Numerology not only can help you in personal and professional life but you can also help others around you with your divine knowledge.

But, who will teach me?

Professional Astrologer & Numerologist Vipul Kumar Goel
I will.

Hi. I am Vipul Kumar Goel.

Astrologer and Life Coach

I expertise in Numerology, Palmistry, Laal Kitab, Vaastu and Horoscope.
I have a profound connection with numbers and I believe everything in the world is associated with a number. Having spent 12 years studying numbers and numerology, I have acquired deep knowledge of the subject which I would love to share with you so that you can learn, benefit and pass on the knowledge to the future generations.

In my online numerology classes, you will start learning Numerology from the very basic level to becoming a professional master.

Course Structure

Calculation of Birth Number & Destiny Number

Your birth date speaks a lot about how you life will be. Understand the science behind your birth date, its calculation and its role in guiding your life. This will be the first step in the Numerology course.

Characteristics & Relationship of numbers

Understand numbers along with its Relationship as per Vedic Astrology and characteristics to be later used for Remedies - Called as Astro Numerology. This will enable you to get better insights for Astrology as well.

Lo-Shu Grid

How to make Numero Horoscope and 8 Yoga's in Numerology. This helps you in understanding the complete birth detail characteristics with solutions to missing numbers in life so that you can uplift the missing numbers and turn events in your favor.

Predictions in Numerology

After learning above 3 steps you will learn how to make predictions by calculating Year / Month / Day.  From this step onwards you will be able to make predictions on your own and solve customer cases.

Solve Cases
You will now have the grip of numbers / missing numbers of customer's horoscope and ready to take up the case analysis and solve the customer problems
Master Stroke & Remedies

Ladder Approach will be told you as a Master piece in terms of Name Frequency calculations and Discussion on how to solve customer problems / recommending Remedies accordingly. Many cases will be discussed so as to make you complete master as a Master Stroke in Numerology so can start your own Professional Numerology Consultations

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What My Clients Say

After my Professional Online Numerology Classes:

You will be a professional numerologist!

You will be able to start solving customer problems using our numerology course in Delhi.

You can make it a full time business and start your own brand!


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