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Go from a Beginner to Pro in Astrology. Learn about fundamentals, planetary positions, horoscope and advance to Lal Kitab, remedies wherein you can start solving real life problems of people and give remedies with confidence.

Learn from the best and get ahead on a career path to become a professional astrologer !

Why Learn Astrology?

Every human life has a meaning. The events that happen with us knowingly or unknowingly our associated with a higher force in universe. 
Astrology helps us to know who we are, where we are headed to and what could be the possible resultant outcomes. Learning astrology will give you a deep sense of understanding of your true self and also add a value skill which you can utilize to help other people or even take the road to practice astrology yourself.

But, who will teach me?

Professional Astrologer & Numerologist Vipul Kumar Goel
Your Instructor.

Sri Vipul Kumar Goel.

Top Astrologer | Numerologist

Vipul Kumar Goel has been practicing astrology for over 12 years. He has deep and profound knowledge of the subject and has a overall expertise of multiple areas of astrology : horoscope, numerology, lal kitab, vastu, palmistry, intuition and dowsing.

His predictions and astrological remedies have been trusted by thousands of people across thee world and have helped them in their life. This online astrology course will be taught to you live by the master instructor himself, so you can learn and grow to become a professional astrologer.

What You'll Learn

Fundamentals of Astrology

In the beginning of the astrology course, we learn about the basics - Planets, Signs and Houses. The 12 of these each are very essential and you must know their characteristics and significance.

How to See Blank Chart?

Looking at a blank chart and making sense of it is critical. You must be able to learn how to make predictions accurately without any Dasha and Planet. Dasha - Tells us about Person, Planet - Tells us about Spouse 

D-1 to D-9

Understand about marriage/ spouse. Learn the tricks to predict accurately.

Planetary Roles

Understand about what planet plays what role. Exaltation and Debilitation, Aspects, Yogas, Digbali, Special Hacks.

Kaal Sarp Yog/ Manglik Dosh & Cancellation
These are critical aspects of astrology. One must know how to deal with the situations of Kaal Sarp Yog, Manglik Dosh, Sadde Satti, the role of saturn and to give remedies effectively.
Predictive Astrology
Predict with accuracy. At this stage you will be able to predict future events with precision.
Learn how to see Marriage/ Love/ Child.
Learn How to see Career/ Education/ Travel/ Legal Cases / etc.
Master Stroke & Remedies

Discussion on how to solve customer problems / recommending Remedies accordingly. Many cases will be discussed so as to make you complete master in Astrology so can start your own Professional Astrology Consultations

Rated Best Astrology Course in Delhi & India

Trusted by Google. This online astrology course brings to you the power of  


After the Professional Astrology Course:

You would be a professional astrologer!

You will be able to work with horoscopes, solve people’s problems and give remedies!

Not only this, after our professional astrology course, you would be highly capable to make it a career and start your own astrology consulting!


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